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The Meeting At Infinity
The Meeting At Infinity
87 x 37 x 25 inches
(221 x 94 x 64 cm)
The All Is Number series of geometric sculptures has spawned another member, The Meeting At Infinity. It is a cousin (twice removed) of all the square cross-section sculptures. The identical modular unit pieces were cut from leftovers too thin to use for the earlier sculptures in the series. The sculpture's name derives from the familiar expression that (at least in some non-Euclidian geometries) "parallel lines meet at infinity." This piece is made from 1252 copies of a single unit shape, all oriented in one of two directions, that in aggregate have edges, surfaces, and bounded spaces all tending off to meet in seven different directions. With more than a nod to Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, this is The Meeting At Infinity that all those parallel things are going to attend.

The sculpture is also suggestive of DNA's double helix, though in this case they are more like a double helical crystaline form, based on a square rather than a circle.

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